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Splint therapy

If the complex interaction of the muscles and joints of the masticatory system is disturbed, this can lead to tooth grinding and tension in the jaw joints. Often this also causes discomfort in other areas of the body, such as the back or neck.

We will help you determine and address the causes of defective bite position. The symptoms can often be quickly relieved with a custom-made bite splint, which prevents teeth grinding during sleep. For successful treatment, it may also be necessary to grind and restore teeth or repair dentures. To arrange for a diagnostic consultation, please give us a call.

Overview of splint therapy

  • Functional disorders in the masticatory system
  • Tension due to grinding of teeth
  • Functional diagnostics as the basis of individual treatment
  • Custom made occlusal splints
  • Creation of the best possible bite position (occlusion)

In an optimally balanced masticatory system, both jaws and rows of teeth are exposed to equal physical loads. But even seemingly insignificant disruptive factors, such as slightly crooked single teeth, can upset this sensitive equilibrium.

Diagnosis and individual treatment

Functional disorders in the temporomandibular joint are usually triggered by the interaction of several factors. In order to determine exactly which factors are at play and how they are manifesting themselves, your english-speaking dentist in Stuttgart will conduct a thorough examination. One of the most common symptoms is tense masticatory muscles, which makes normal closure of the teeth difficult or impossible.

Splint therapy is about bringing dentition back into a healthy resting position and giving the overstrained jaw joint the chance to recuperate. With a made-to-measure bite splint made of transparent plastic, the distribution of forces can be brought back into balance. Depending on individual symptoms, the splint usually needs to be worn for a few weeks or months.

Appointments and advice

Please call us on 0711 – 765 19 88 to arrange an appointment. We look forward to welcoming you.