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Aesthetic dentistry

When it comes to restored teeth, patients are attaching more and more importance to a natural appearance. Modern dentistry and dental technology can produce fillings and dentures that are indistinguishable from natural enamel. This is especially the case for all-ceramic solutions. Also becoming increasingly important is the aesthetic appearance of the gums.

In addition to bleaching teeth, there are a number of other dental corrections designed to improve appearance. These include ceramic veneers and non-invasive cosmetic corrections that don’t involve filing the teeth. With the help of these aesthetic solutions, tooth damage from accidents can be repaired, gaps can be closed, and tooth shapes changed. When it comes to aesthetic dentistry, you’re in good hands with us.

Dentistry and aesthetics

  • Tooth-coloured fillings and dental prostheses
  • Professional tooth cleaning
  • White teeth with bleaching
  • Anterior tooth correction with veneers
  • Non-invasive cosmetic corrections
  • Healthy gums and red-white aesthetics

Regular professional tooth cleaning is highly recommended. Soft and hard plaque is gently removed before it can cause damage to teeth and gums. A further advantage of this simple procedure is the removal of staining and discolouration, so that your teeth will be noticeably whiter again. Professional tooth cleaning usually takes about an hour. We recommend having it done once or twice a year.

Naturally beautiful red-white aesthetics

Healthy gums are firm, pink and have a harmonious profile. Diseased, inflamed gums, on the other hand, are dark red, sensitive to pain, bleed easily and can emit an unpleasant odour. If nothing is done about these signs, there is a risk of tooth loss.

It goes without saying that we pay close attention to the best possible position and design of dental prostheses. A detailed examination of your facial profile will provide us with important information on how the prosthesis should be placed. The height of the lip line, the anatomy of the jaw and the shape of the gums all influence the overall aesthetic appearance and need to be taken into account during treatment.

The aim of our treatments is to achieve a beautiful red-white aesthetic, i.e. harmonious proportions between the gums and dental arches. Bleaching creates bright white teeth. Optical flaws in the front teeth, such as gaps and fractures, can be covered with ceramic veneers.

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