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Dental laboratory

Working in our own well-established laboratory, our experienced and highly trained dental technicians can manufacture any type of dental prosthesis for you to the highest standards. Close teamwork between dentist and dental technician helps to ensure perfectly fitting, high-quality dental prostheses.

Patient benefits

Consultation: during preliminary discussions with the dental technician, we can accommodate your preferences and requirements for your new dental prosthesis, which will then be manufactured by us in-house.

Choice of colour: To ensure the highest aesthetic standards, you can specify the precise tooth shade you would like for your prosthesis.

Teamwork: Constant consultation between your english-speaking dentist in Stuttgart and dental technician during the manufacture of your dental prosthesis will guarantee the perfect fit and design. From choice of colour to the final fitting, our dental technician will respond to your concerns, requirements and preferences.

Speed: Because we manufacture your prosthesis in-house, waiting times are significantly reduced.

Flexibility: Small repairs and adjustments can usually be carried out immediately.

Personal care: For all your questions, our helpful and expert staff are at your disposal at any time.

Handcrafted for the highest precision and aesthetics

Each dental prosthesis is manufactured for you as a unique product by our dental technician. By layering several different ceramics, we match the colour gradient precisely to your individual tooth colour, so that there’s no discernible difference between your natural teeth and your prosthesis.

Even small optical ‘flaws’ and discolorations can be incorporated on request. Even today, there is no machine that can reproduce the shade of the neighbouring teeth exactly. That is why the experience and artistry of the dental technician are so important.

If you have any questions about dental prostheses, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Dr. Andreas Hutter
Your dentist in Stuttgart (Degerloch)