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Discoloured or darkened teeth can usually be whitened to the desired degree by bleaching. For this purpose, the teeth must first be thoroughly examined and cleaned. In fact, just professional tooth cleaning on its own can whiten teeth by a few shades.

Chemical whitening of the teeth (bleaching) is done with the help of a gel that contains highly concentrated active ingredients and is activated by a special bleaching lamp. Tea, coffee, red wine, tobacco and medicines are among the main causes of darker tooth colours. If you are looking for an experienced dentist for tooth bleaching, we can help.

Bleaching – the perfect tooth whitening treatment

  • White teeth in desired shade
  • Initial dental examination
  • Preparation via professional tooth cleaning
  • Can be repeated several times if required

The whitening of teeth is becoming more and more popular among young and old. Because for a bright smile – one of the most beautiful human expressions – you need white teeth. With bleaching, you can smile like the stars.

How long the results last and remain uniform depends on your eating and drinking habits. For example, a heavy smoker and coffee drinker will not be able to enjoy the result for as long as a person whose eating and drinking habits help preserve tooth colour.

Important information about bleaching

Teeth whitening by bleaching can be performed at any age. Bleaching should always be carried out by an experienced professional, because the wrong procedure can damage the gums. A few days after bleaching, hypersensitivity to heat and cold can occur, but this disappears after a few days.

Appointments and advice

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