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Treatment of periodontitis

Periodontitis is one of the greatest threats to dental health, yet it often goes untreated. This is because disease in the periodontium is painless and is often only recognised when already advanced. From the age of about forty, periodontitis is the main cause of tooth loss.

At first, harmful bacteria from dental plaque spread to the gums, which then show signs of bleeding. As the disease progresses, gum pockets form on the tooth necks in which bacteria can multiply. Finally, the pathogens penetrate into the jawbone and the teeth become loose.

A brief overview of periodontitis

  • Common disease of the periodontium
  • Initially painless
  • Main cause of tooth loosening and tooth loss
  • Untreated periodontitis becomes chronic
  • Prevention and early detection are key
  • Treatment using modern methods

With our extensive experience of treating periodontitis, we are happy to help you with prevention, early detection and treatment.

Prevention and early detection

When caring for your teeth, always pay attention to the condition of your gums. During check-ups, your english-speaking dentist in Stuttgart (Degerloch) detects periodontitis before it can cause damage to the periodontium. Regular professional tooth cleaning is a great help in preventing periodontitis. During this simple procedure, the plaque that can cause periodontitis is gently removed. As a rule, treatment once a year is sufficient for preventive purposes.

Periodontitis treatment

Pronounced periodontitis requires continuous dental care. At regular intervals, the gum pockets must be cleaned of harmful bacteria. For this purpose we use state-of-the-art methods such as PerioChip®. This involves inserting a wafer-thin chip into the gum pockets. The active ingredient can then be continuously absorbed. Needless to say we aim to make treatment as comfortable and effective as possible.

Appointments and advice

For the prevention, early detection and treatment of periodontitis, please call us on 0711 – 765 19 88 to make an appointment. We look forward to helping you.